About R.S. Emeline

 I am a fiction writer-- a Fictzophrenic-- looking to share my stories with others...and hopefully, entertain people with the characters who make sure I don't get a moment's peace until they've had their stories told.

 It wasn't too long ago I was a teenager. I took some time off from school once I graduated-- we'll just round down a little and say, a decade. Because of this, I'm attending college now. Better late than never, right?

 My other half is a fabulous man who's secret identity is a United States Marine.  Together we created an amazing daughter who teaches me something new about life every day, and who seems to be a sixteen year old hiding inside the body of a three year old.

Aside from the joys of learning, loving, and living, I enjoy escaping to a world where I control the action, suspense and blood.  Where every antagonist gets what's coming to them; heroines don't need to be rescued, but don't mind a little help, and the hero is always sexy and well endowed. 

Together we live in the middle of sand and rocks, USA with our dog, cat, and assorted varieties of desert wildlife.

When I'm not snuggled up with my daughter and a book, surfing Facebook, or thinking about blogging; I'm working on a novel or three.

You'll see them soon, I promise.