Wednesday, January 18, 2012

On Growing Up

I realized the other day, that I've grown up.

I say grown up, because I don't feel like I've gotten older, even though this post is actually about just that.

The passage of time.

Based on technology.

Namely, the cell phone.

When I graduated from high school, cell phones were still relatively new, and most people still carried pagers, because those little boxes of uselessness were horribly cool. It definitely wasn't common place to see teenagers walking around with phones, texting their friends, or downloading music. They also weren't as tiny, or complex as they are now (the cell phones, not the kids--though that would be a whole different blog post).

I was nineteen before I had my first cellphone. It was through Verizon, and it was the size of my hand, black, and the bottom mouth piece flipped up to cover the keys-- actual keys that had shape and texture. Touch screens were obviously very, very far away still.

I remember going to the kiosk in the mall with my then best friend. We both signed up for a plan (without an ounce of credit to our name--nor was their a required down payment). I'm pretty sure the plan included about a billion minutes for some tiny amount that she and I could afford at our barely over minimum wage jobs.

Like I said, phones weren't that complex, and I'm equally sure texting hadn't sunk its teeth into the world yet. I know I didn't have it.

I also know, I didn't keep my phone for more than a year. I realized I didn't use it, and I had a land line, therefore, I didn't need it.

Ah, so much has changed.

Now, twelve years later, I wouldn't know what to do without my cell phone. I've had about three dozen different kinds ranging from brick-like basic models to the IPhone and my newer Android. I've also been with just about every provider there has been. Though, I've been with AT&T through all its names and changes, the longest.

Seven years.

Thinking about all the changes in the technology, and the fact I never use my home phone, nor do I actually use my cell phone minutes (hello, texting), reminds me how many years have past since my first phone.

Yes, I've grown up, but I'm still not getting old, and apparently neither are cell phones.

What was your first mobile phone like? I'd love to hear.



  1. I got my first cell phone through work. Somewhere around 2001 or 2002. I was 32 at the time. Now my iPhone and I are inseparable.

    When I was nineteen and didn't have a car yet a went on my bicycle acros town to all the hang outs to find my friends.., which at time could be quite a nuisance, but at least I got some exercise  going. Ah well.., modern times...

  2. What I remember about my first three cell phones were that they were very hard to use. It made me feel dumb because I couldn't figure out basic things. I remember sitting at a gate in an airport with my manual trying to learn my cell phone features. It was not until I got my first Iphone that I realized that it did not have to be that difficult. it was love at first sight.

  3. Mine too was through work and it was just a basic phone to make calls- nothing else. They have come such a long way!  I love my current Droid. It's like having a computer and phone with you at all times.