Tuesday, April 24, 2012

On My Sailing Adventure

I hung over the side of the boat to get this shot.
While in Maui, my BFF and I signed up for a sailing and snorkeling adventure that left from the public dock in Lahaina.

The day was beautiful and warm, and the water was smooth and clear. At least it was until it was time to head back from Lanai.

Captain Ray made sure to tell everyone there was some choppiness, and we might get a few splashes and a little wet.

That was an understatement.

We hadn't even made it out of the harbor when a huge wave came up over the two trampolines on the catamaran, and not only soaked us (good thing I was in a swimsuit beneath my cover-up), but sent my body flying into the middle of the boat--where I landed on someone. I'm still not sure who it was. In hindsight I choose to believe I looked a lot more graceful than I felt.

For the next two hours the sun hid behind clouds, the water continued to throw waves at us, and the breeze chilled us to the bone. Most of the passengers turned to alcohol--though I can't see how that was a smart idea. Huge waves, bucking sailboat, and drunk people without life vests. Sounds like a whole bunch of bad ideas.

All in all, we laughed a lot, saw amazing reefs and fish (when I wasn't panicking from a lack of air--apparently I'm claustrophobic even while snorkeling,) took pictures, and scratched another Hawaiian Island off my list of places to visit.

I recommend anyone who makes a trip to Maui experiencing the joys of sailing and snorkeling. You won't forget it.

Have you ever been sailing or snorkeling? What were your experiences? I'd love to know.

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  1. Wonderful Photo, but do we add hanging over the side of the boat in choppy seas as one of those potentially bad decisions?

  2. I refuse to consider that a bad decision. As a former photographer I've done a lot of risky things for the perfect shot. This one wasn't even on the top ten. ;) At least I wasn't drinking while hanging over the edge of the boat while taking it, right? :P

  3. Love your post and photo. Shouldn't had your BFF take a photo of you hanging over the side of the boat!!

  4.  The BFF was too enthralled with seeing dolphins up close and personal!