Friday, May 6, 2011

Because I'm Your Mother and I Said So...

We've all heard that phrase, and I for one always swore I wouldn't say it to my children. So far I've managed to avoid those eight little words of parenthood, but I'm not sure how much longer I'll succeed.

My daughter is amazing. No, really, she is. I'm even sure someday she'll be playing the lead role in one of my novels. I'd like her to be a little older first though. However, recently she's been putting on an act fit for any teenaged Prima Donna--and she's only in preschool.

Lately she's been proving to me what I'd feared all along.

My mother cursed me.

That's right. My. Mother. Cursed. Me. She's laughing about it now too. When I was a teenager she'd threaten me with the wrath of my future children. At the time I had zero desire for children, so I felt I was pretty safe.

Let me tell you something. Karma will wait, and she's a patient bitch.

While my daughter is wonderful (ask anyone who is NOT her mother), she has decided it is time to spread her wings and test those boundaries. You know the ones. The same ones you and I tested on our mothers.

Honestly, I'm surprised my mother didn't give me away to the gypsies like she'd threatened to.

Where I don't use those eight dreaded words--yet--I have been tempted to look up gypsies in the yellow pages. Would they be under Gypsies, Nomads, Romany, or maybe Roma?  

Even though I've completed the first YA novel in the series (Saga?), I've still got Statistics to deal with this month. No wonder my daughter has decided this is the best month to strain against the ruling entity known as 'Momma'. 

No matter how great Motherhood is, and how glad I am to be around to experience everything with my daughter...some days I think it might be easier to overthrow a small country... 

By. Myself.

It would have to be easier than the constant drama.

Hell, writing a novel is easier than getting my daughter to acknowledge I'm speaking to her.

Maybe it will get easier... or maybe not...

Does anyone know of any small countries??

You know what? I think I need to beat up on an antagonist... I'll be in my cave wreaking havoc on some big baddie or another.

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