Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Whoot There It Is...

It's official. The first book in my Immortal Saga is finished. :) This is a happy, happy day for me, because even with the insane number of errands I had to run, as well as being back in school --you remember, I'm taking that nasty, nasty, Statistics class-- I still managed to complete the final chapter tonight.

I loved every minute of writing this book, and I look forward to writing the next three. It's a story I find truly interesting and exciting. Are there things that need to be tweaked? Sure. I can guarantee some mass editing will be called for, but the story itself is finished.

That's a great feeling.

I just wish my husband were home to celebrate with me. Oh well, he's doing his job, being part of the good ol' US of A military.  We'll have to celebrate when he gets back. :)

To all the men and women of our Armed Forces. Thank you for everything you've done. May your chosen God look down on you and keep you safe. You're in my thoughts, and those of you deployed, may you have a safe trip home to those who love you.

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