Sunday, July 31, 2011

On Insane Summer Storms

It would appear we've hit the flash flood season again here in the desert. Thunder and lightning storms are striking several times a day, the parched ground can't absorb the onslaught of water fast enough, and alleyways, driveways, and streets are becoming streams.

I love the heat of the desert, the high temperatures, and the dryness of the weather, but a few times a year the temperatures rise, the clouds roll in, and moisture accumulates causing the humidity to climb and days of mugginess to begin.

I could live my entire life without this weather change.

The past few days have been like this. The skies are gray and filled with dark clouds, rain sporadically falls in torrential buckets, and the humidity is enough to make someone want to stay in the shower all day. Even with AC on it's stuffy and sticky.

Picture by: James Bo Insogna
 Last night, the storm took on new proportions, and in the dark early hours of dawn, my already restless sleep was disturbed by bolts of lightning tearing through the sky like serrated blades through pudding. They lit up the sky like industrial strength fluorescent lights. The thunder accompanying the impressive display of natural electricity was strong enough to shake the walls of my house.

My husband, amazing man that he is, slept through it.

I remember, when I was little, and a storm would rage outside the warmth and safety of my home, thinking it was the God's bowling. Some people say it's God laughing, or Angels clapping. Whatever you believe, one thing is undeniable.

Storms are beautiful.

They're also enthralling, dangerous, and worthy of the art dedicated to them. There is a reason so many stories have a dark and stormy night in them. They are the perfect backdrop for the battle between good and evil, right and wrong, and life and death.

What is your favorite part about storms?


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