Saturday, March 24, 2012

On New Cover Art *Squee*

Today I'm doing something I've been looking forward to since I wrote the first words of the short story I've been mentioning in passing the last few months.

I'm getting ready to publish it to Amazon. It's already completely formatted for Smashwords, but I'm contemplating enrolling it in the KDP. That means holding off Smashwords publication for another ninety days. I think I can deal with that.

Anyway, I'm excited to share with you the new, never before seen, cover art.

It was about time I got to use my art education for something. What do you think? 



  1. I really like the cover art. Those slanted cats eyes are bewitching! Congratulations on your book. Look forward to reading it.

  2. I love both the cover art & the title! Congrats on your book & the cover you created. They're purrfect! ;-}

  3. Looks good. I always thought purple and black goes great together!