Wednesday, May 2, 2012

On the Melting Pot in Maui

The second night on Maui, after I acquired a sunburn and nearly drowned on the sailboat adventure, my BFF and I decided to enjoy a leisurely dinner at the Melting Pot.

She and I were still stuck on PST, and dinner was running late. We'd slipped from wanting to pass out at the table, to laughing uncontrollably. It didn't help that the first slice of apple I dipped in the cheese sauce flew off my fork and slid across the table directly at her.

"Fondu-me fighting apples" was born.

 We laughed more together than I can remember laughing in years. We entertained our server with jokes and stories of our adventures and life in general, and strolled out of there full and happy. Plus I had a trunk full of books from the Barnes and Noble next door. ;)

It was an amazing night all around.

Do you have any stories of a dinner out with friends? I'd love to hear about it.




  1. That was indeed a great night. Probably one of the best so far this year. It brought moments of brilliance like: Memo to me: my cheek is not steak. #shitmybffsays; Affirmative, action; and Me: I wonder of the potatoes are done yet.
    @rsemeline: uncontrollable laughter
    Me: there was nothing funny about that. 

  2. Lulu's for Breakfast.  Don't miss out.