Tuesday, June 19, 2012

On Meeting People

I've never been good at forcing myself to meet people, but when I am out doing everyday things I have no problem starting conversations.
I'm strange like that.
It makes the day job difficult, and often times it makes being a writer hard.
Nine times out of ten being an author is a lonely, solitary job. It's that one time though when I have to step out of my shell and interact with groups of people when things get a little hairy.
That's just on social media too. 8(
Man, am I glad I don't do meet and greets. At least not yet.
Do you have issues putting yourself out there to meet people? Please tell me your story. One lucky winner will win free R.S Emeline SWAG available only from Sprites Cubed.


  1. On networking events it's starting the conversation which is the most difficult.., after that.., hoping that whatever you have to say is interesting enough.

    If they'd show up to meet me.., or hear me speak.., that would be different, then I wouldn't have to establish the relation first.., my reputation would precede me.

  2. I hate meeting people. Loathe it. I'm the most useless networker ever. I do all right online, but put me in a room full of people and I SUCK. I was officially excused from conferences by my employer for about 5 years because I was so bad at it, but unfortunately now I'm so senior I really can't be excused! 

  3. Well, I have no issues putting myself out there to meet people. I am a funny guy and i love meeting people. People says that i am friendly and easy to be with. Great post!