Tuesday, June 5, 2012

On the Editing Cave

I finally did it. I made myself finish the corrections from the first round edits of my novel. Since it was the first novel I ever wrote, but never got around to editing, there were a lot of corrections to be made. I'd done half of it a while back, but then lost the motivation to continue on with it.

Change was needed.

So, I packed up my car and headed off to the beautiful Welk's Resort in San Diego, where I spent the next 48 hours alone with my novel. It was a dirty job, but someone (and that would be me, since nobody else wanted to do it) had to do it.

My editing cave was beautiful, and spacious, and a little too quite. I haven't been truly alone in almost five years. It's amazing how the exclusion of the Munchkin was such a huge thing. There were times I thought about going home, and other times I thought about running off to play in the pool, or go to a wine tasting, or walk in lavender fields, but I didn't.

At 0800 on Saturday, the final (first) corrections were made.

A weight was lifted from my shoulders, and I was glad I'd skipped out on going home or wasted time doing something else.

I'd given myself a deadline--to get it to the editor before the Marine returned from deployment, and I made it. Barely.

As long as everything goes okay, and my editor doesn't tell me the novel is complete and total crap, expect to see it available this summer.

What did you do this weekend? I'd love to hear about it. The person with the funniest comment will win awesome 'swag' available only from the online shop, Sprites Cubed.  I'll post pictures of those awesome gifts soon.



  1. Congrats on getting those edits done! It's an awesome feeling.
    I'm currently on round 2 - half-way done - on my WiP. Can't WAIT to be done!!!

  2. Good work. Take a break, then push on.