Friday, July 19, 2013

On: A Letter to a Long Ago Friend

I was thinking about you today, and then pictures of your kiddos popped up on my newsfeed. As a person who hasn't ever particularly thought people's kiddos were cute, I've got to say, you and Andrew have made some gorgeous little ones.
I've missed talking to you, and wish that we could have stayed in better touch. I often wonder how it is that we managed to remain close the whole time we lived on opposite coasts, yet as soon as we're on the same coast our lives seemed to have taken us in different directions.
I realized today I no longer know what you do in your spare time or what interests you. The person who was with me through some of my most difficult experiences in life, I don't know anymore.
I'm sure you're just as amazing as you were then, but I find at times it feels like a piece of me disappeared when we stopped talking. 
I'm happy and healthy, and I have a great life. A life so much better than I ever expected it would be after losing G.
I gave birth to my son just under seven hours before G's ninth birthday. I like to believe one brother helped the other into the world.
I hope your life is as happy as mine, and that your dreams and goals are everything you wished them to be all those years ago.
Maybe someday, we'll be able to catch up again, because even though I've made new friends, great friends, there is always a place in my heart where you belong.


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