Tuesday, October 4, 2011

On A Day Off From Blogging

I didn't blog today. Not because I've suddenly decided to give up writing to become the world pole vaulting champ, but because it's October and I got to start my Halloween decorating. *squeeee*

I even have ghost lights around the Windows. Inside of course. What good would they do me outside where I couldn't enjoy them?


What are your favorite decorations for Halloween? Is October 31 as awesome to you as it is to me?


  1. When my kids were small I used to decorate a lot.  Now that they're older, I don't at all.  But I do love driving around town to see what everyone else has up.  I particularly enjoy the orange lights people string through their shrubs.  Reminds me of a Brach's hard candy I used to love.  :)

  2. Great subject, RS. My home sits about 150 feet back from the road and is visible from the street but not visible enough that decorations on our 60-foot porch show up overly well. In the summer, I hang flower pots every ten feet...but this year I've been debating if we're going to rehang the witch and skeleton on the front or something else, neither of which is clear from the road unless you study them. I'm seriously thinking of making some hanging pumpkin and witch bird feeders that at least serve a dual purpose.

    Stay tuned, because this is a decision that will likely take me a year to make...now where is that danged witch? :-)

  3. I have a few relatives that would make any property scary. Email if you'd like contact information :-)

  4. Tim, 

    Halloween is awesome, and I don't think it matters if anyone can see what you put up as long as you get to enjoy it. People don't trick or treat around here, and I've yet to see anyone actually decorate outside. Maybe it's the desert area, or the fact that people out here don't trust each other. I like the idea of the bird feeders, and I'd probably do the same thing. I wonder what type of food roadrunners actually eat, after all they're always depicted as carrying lizards in their mouths. At least on the murals around here. 

    Speaking of, I was depressed to find out roadrunners weren't as big as coyotes. Darn you Looney Toons! How could television be so wrong?! (Gasp!)

  5. That is my dream as well, but like you my daughter is far too young to appreciate the horror quality. I'll give it a few more years and then Halloween will take on a whole new look around my house. 

  6. I didn't decorate last year because both my daughter and I had a horrible stomach flu, and the Marine deployed on Halloween morning. Truly put a damper on the celebration. This year, however, it's on. :)

  7. Before I had my daughter I used to decorate, but when she was really little I didn't because honestly, I was too lazy. Being practically single while going to school and raising a baby, I was lucky I remembered to put pants on before walking outside. :) Now things have gotten easier. I'm not sure how I'll be when the Munchkin grows up, but I'd like to hope I'll continue decorating. :)