Saturday, October 1, 2011

On A 'Splash'

On the back of the Wishbone Ranch dressing bottle the directions for use say a 'splash' of the dressing. Unfortunately, they don't define 'splash'.

Since I'm 'big' on following the directions (okay, I'm not really, but let me pretend) I splashed some dressing onto my salad.

Do you realize how messy a splash can become?


Anyway, I splashed the dressing onto my salad and I said to the Niece who was enjoying her own 'splash' of dressing, "A Tsunami is still a splash, right?"

How do you 'splash' your dressing? Do you use just a little, like the spray from the ocean? Are we talking white water rapids kind of a splash, or do you take the figurative bull by the horns and Tsunami splash those leafy greens?

I figure, as long as it's just a splash...


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