Wednesday, December 28, 2011

On My 2011 Year in Review

Have you ever sat at your computer, or desk with a pad of paper and a pen intent on writing a list of what you've done during the year--only to draw a complete blank? 

Do you see me jumping around waving my hand? Oh yeah, complete brain dump, right here.

I know I've done stuff. 

Probably a lot of 'stuff'. I just can't remember it. 

At least not without help. 

I asked my best friend what I've done this year, she is after all my best friend so she'd have a pretty good idea, right?

Her response: "Worked your ass off."

As true as that is, it wasn't much help. 

She wrote this blog the other day, and I was so impressed with it I wanted to write one myself. 


  • Completed P90X
  • Got a new tattoo
  • Completed two novels
  • Started a third
  • Completed a short story
  • Wrote several pieces of Flash Fiction
  • Completed six college classes
  • Changed my major
  • Welcomed the Marine home from Afghanistan
  • Said goodbye to the Marine when he deployed... Again.
  • Added the Niece to our home--for a permanent stay.
  • Turned 30
  • Went to the Living Desert and rode a Camel with the Munchkin.
  • Made friends and lost friends who weren't really friends.
  • Experienced the Munchkin in her first dance class
  • Watched the Munchkin in her first Christmas program
  • Found out I had allergies...bad allergies.
  • Saw the Lt Dan Band in concert and met Gary Sinise 
  • Went to San Diego with my best friend.
  • Started doing Zumba
  • Started doing Yoga
  • Went to Universal Studios, Knotts Berry Farm and Calico Ghost Town.
  • Rode on a tram
  • Discovered twitter (yes, I'm slow, but you can follow me @rsemeline)
I'm sure there is probably more, but that will have to be enough. 2012 is going to be insane. Really insane. Not to mention great. 

2012 is going to be great.

What did you do in 2011?



  1. Am I allowed to be amused by this? Cause in my defense I was multitasking when asked AND my answer was totally valid. You did do a lot of great stuff...and yes, 2012 is gonna be INSANE!! Bring it on. Love you.

  2. Hay,
    New on here, but thanks this sounds like a great idea to put the new year into perspective, and also to write what I aim to achieve this year!
    Also, if you have any advice on how to best utilize this site I'd be much appreciated to you, becasue it is not all that easy. If not, nevermind, and good luck with the third novel.