Monday, September 12, 2011

On Things You Don't Know About Me

This isn't a usual blog, but then, what's really 'usual' for me? Huh?

I thought maybe my fellow readers would enjoy knowing some various information about me. What are some things not everyone knows about you?

Desert + Water = Happiness

  1. I'm a Scorpio.
  2. Halloween is the only 'holiday' I enjoy.
  3. I'm right handed.
  4. I have an Android phone with a touch screen.
  5. I hate touch screens.
  6. I don't watch Family Guy, the Simpsons, Modern Family, or any other 30 minute sitcoms. 
  7. I love crime dramas--my DVR is filled with them.
  8. The first concert I ever went to was Silver Chair. I was in ninth grade.
  9. My first pet was an Australian Sheep dog named, Rah Rah. I was four.
  10. I'm allergic to coffee.
  11. I love Big Train Chai.
  12. I went to art school.
  13. I used to do photography for a living.
  14. I'm an English Major with a Minor in Criminal Justice.
  15. I hate shaving. So I get waxed instead.
  16. I never used to believe in online dating--and then I met my hetero life mate online. 
  17. I used to be a daddy's girl.
  18. My Marine is my hero.
  19. When I was in my early twenties I could drink 10+ shots of straight liquor, and not black out.
  20. I no longer drink liquor.
  21. I enjoy a glass, and on occasion, a bottle of wine.
  22. I don't like pizza.
  23. I love McD's chicken nuggets.
  24. I've got one friend I've known since I was in first grade.  
  25. I'm a natural redhead.
  26. I love tattoos on men.
  27. I have eight tattoos.
  28. I wanted to be a homicide detective.
  29. My first foray back into writing was through Fan Fiction.
  30. I wrote Fan Fiction for Janet Evanovich's Plum Series.
  31. I have more than six stories being plotted in my brain at all times.
  32. I love the desert, but I miss the ocean.
  33. I'm the youngest child of my parents.
  34. I love high heels, but I don't wear them much anymore.
  35. I've had chronic lower back problems since the birth of my daughter.
  36. I do P90X to help strengthen my lower back.
  37. When I was younger I played clarinet, bass clarinet, and the drums.
  38. I also sang in choir.
  39. Now I only sing in the shower or the car.
  40. I'm married to my best friend--though I have to remind myself of that fact once in awhile. 


  1. Thank you for sharing things about you! How did you find out you were allergic to coffee?? That would really kill me..

  2. 1. Halloween is my favorite Holiday, but I also look forward to Thanksgiving.
    2. I also enjoy McDs nuggets.
    3. For some reason I really like making/reading lists. lol

  3. I LOVE McD's nuggets too, I played the clarinet for 3 years, did you like p90x and did it make you ripped like the girls in the commercial? I began a twilight based FF story but forgot about it and left it hanging. I think I want to finish it actually.
    New follower saying hi again. I really like this post system VS the normal blogger one.