Tuesday, September 6, 2011

On Things I Need.

There are very few things in life I feel like I need in order to be happy. Maybe not survive and be healthy (food, water, air, exercise, etc), but to survive emotionally.

  • Snuggles, hugs, and smooches from the Munchkin.
  • The sound of the Marine's voice, and the feel of his arms wrapped around me.
  • Music
  • A good book or a dozen.
  • Access to chocolate whenever I need it.

Yep, I'm pretty simple. I don't need a lot of things, or a lot of people. 

A fact that is hard for many people to understand. 

The Marine included.

I've never been a person interested in having a large group of 'friends'. In fact I'm of the belief you can't really be 'friends' with that many people. Friendly, yes. Acquaintances, yes. "Friends", no. 

In order to truly be a friend you need to dedicate time and emotion to them. You need to know who they are deep inside and in return you need to share yourself with them. 

I'm not interested in doing that with every person I meet, or every person my friends meet.

I'm not going to become more than 'friendly' with people if I don't have the time needed to be a true friend. 

I take my friendships seriously. 

I don't split my time, and I'm not a fair weather friend. I'll be there for them through thick and thin, and give them 100 percent of my time and attention when they need it.

When I'm with my friends, I'm theirs. I'm not attached to my phone texting everyone else. I'm not checking my twitter account, or chatting on IM with the friends not with me. 

I find it rude, and to be honest, uncaring. 

The Tweeps can wait. They'll understand, and if they don't... well... too bad. 

Call me selfish if you want, but I call it being a good friend. 

It brings to mind the quote that runs rampant on Facebook. "Don't make someone a priority when you're just an option."

I've been the option before, and as an adult I don't have to be. 

I won't be.

The Marine is always trying to get me to become friends with other Marine wives. 

I'm not interested.

My 'dance card' is all full.

I've got what I need. 

A wonderful husband who loves me.

A beautiful daughter I get to see everyday, and watch grow up into a beautiful and strong little girl.

And a small handful of friends who I share the hidden parts of myself with. 



  1. Well said.
    There does seem to be this pressure to "collect friends" I don't get it either. And the FB friend issue... um no we're not really friends we just connected o this media website regardless of the fact you grew up with my husband

  2. I really like this and feel the same way about close friends. I only have a handful and My family is enough other than the few!!! Love IT!!

  3. Lady Bren, It's crazy to go onto FB and feel bombarded with status messages about people you don't even know... like those who grew up with my husband. I got tired of it, and figured if I didn't interact with them in some way--or they didn't interact with me I didn't need them on my 'friends'. I'm harsh like that.

    Woveneye: Thank you.

    Dating Diva: I'm glad you liked it. I think close friends and family are more than enough to keep a person from feeling alone. At least if that person is like me. :)