Monday, September 5, 2011

On Neediness

This is kind of a follow up to my post On Things I Need.

The Niece and I had a  conversation the other day about neediness and how some people show it. We weren't discussing any particular people, but just humans in general.

After all, there are so many of them.

Granted, most of the 'needy' people are women, but that could just be our personal experiences talking.

She and I are both similar. We don't believe in overloading ourselves with 'friends', and we don't have a problem with our friends spending time with people other than us--as long as they don't expect us to do it too.

What we wonder, is what makes other people so needy? Why do they feel like they need to fill their lives with 'friends'. Why do they feel they need to make every online acquaintance their BFF and become friends with every person they've ever come across in passing?

Is filling their lives with these 'friends' completing them in some way? Do they think they'll feel better about themselves if they've suddenly got 13 billion twitter followers or Facebook friends?

Do they get a thrill out of trying to snatch the attention and affection of their friends' friends?

What makes a needy person so... needy?

Did I miss a specific 'needy' gene when I was being created, because I just don't understand it.



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  1. I think I have the Anti-Neediness gene. Most days I prefer it if people just left me alone.:)
    I don't mind having friends. I do have them. However, I don't feel the need to have them by the dozen. I prefer to be self- reliable. Makes somethings easier that way.