Thursday, August 11, 2011

On Choreographed Dances in Real Life

I find myself wondering what real life would be like if everyone knew the choreography for any given situation?

What would it be like to walk down the street, burst into song, and know the strangers strolling around will jump in as back up singers and dancers?

How cool would that be?

How strange too.

Then again, I don't know many people who randomly burst out in song and dance while picking up their laundry or doing grocery shopping.

I also guarantee we didn't have a choreographed dance number at my prom.

Do you ever find yourself breaking into song and dance?

Do you ever wish strangers would join you like they do in this clip from Enchanted?

Then again, if life was like Enchanted, roaches would scrub tubs, and I'd be wearing dresses made out of drapes...




  1. It would be weird, but fun too, dontcha think? You'd always know what people were thinking. No more wondering why the woman in front of you in line was moping. She'd be singing a sad tune explaining why. No more wondering if the guy you think is cute likes you. He'd either be professing his love ala Bruno Mars or telling you to get lost ala Toby Keith.

    Songs do randomly pop into my head and I often find myself humming them, but breaking out into song...not gonna happen...unless I'm drunk...really, really drunk.


  2. I was in the grocery store, between the peanut butter and vinegar when the Beegees came on. It was early and not too many folks were around. Me, being me, I go for it. Full out, busting a move, seconds away from doing the Hammer dance when one of the workers catches me...

    ...and joins in. EVVVVER

  3. It would be weird/awesome at the same time. As far as drapes go, if Scarlett O'Hara can do it, why not us? ;)

    I only have one friend that would burst into song with me at random moments. I miss those days!

  4. East Coaster --That is crazy fun! I would totally be that person too. Why can't all shopping trips be like that?

    Melanie-- I miss days when my friends and I would do stuff like that. Though my Niece and I have a tendency to bust out in air rock band while driving down the street. The looks we get. :)