Friday, August 26, 2011

On Showing Love Through Technology

Once again my husband, the Marine is away from home.

It's life as usual in our house.

The Niece goes to work, the Munchkin goes to school, King Furry chases his tail and barks at the overweight neighbor dog, and Sumo Kitty hides under the bed.

I of course have scheduled myself for a massage to rid myself some of the additional stress of having the Marine away from home.


These times, when he's gone away from us and I can't hear his voice or feel him next to me in bed, I'm thankful for technology.

While he's away, my cell is never further away than right beside me--not that it's usually far from me, but when he's gone it's a whole different ball game.

The other day, after dropping the Munchkin at school and the Niece at work I received a text message from the Marine. "Good morning my love. How are you? I love you."

I admit, my heart did a little double thump.

I love that man.

It's nice knowing that while he's 'out there somewhere' doing 'whatever' to 'whomever' he's thinking of me.

What does your spouse, significant other, imaginary friend, do that makes your heart skip a beat?


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  1. Remember these moments when he's pissing you off. :D