Wednesday, August 3, 2011

On Kristine Marie Cushing

First, what is up with mothers killing their young and getting away with it? Sometimes, reality is so much stranger than fiction.

The other day I came across an article about a custody dispute. Normally, I wouldn't bother reading something like this, but it also happened to take place not far from where I grew up, and involved a former Marine Officer.

I'm a little concerned about the state of our legal system when the officials don't even bat an eye when a woman convicted of killing her own daughters  in 1991, is once again living with children-- this time her ex-husband's children from a second marriage.
Found Not Guilty by the Prozac Defense

This of course, prompts the question: when halfway houses wouldn't even take her in after her first release from the mental institution in 1994, why would the father of the children she executed in their sleep, take her back?

Everything about this situation boggles the mind. As a mother I'd be horrified and appalled, just as Trisha Conlin is. As the wife of a Marine, I wonder what the hell the man is thinking. He didn't just take her  back, he remarried her. I'm also equally glad he's no longer actively serving in the Marines. I sure as hell wouldn't want him in charge of my husband, and I doubt any Marine would ever trust his judgement during maneuvers in a war zone.

Kristine's doctors are claiming she's not a safety risk, and the only reason she killed her two daughters before failing to kill herself was because of a bad reaction to Prozac.

Really? That's what they're going with?

What happens if she suddenly has another bad reaction to a medication?

How many times will they allow a person to use the 'it wasn't me, it was the medication' defense? Maybe we should start calling it the 'Prozac Defense'.

It seems like a pretty weak cop out.

Plain and simple, the woman is a killer.

There is no coming back from that.


Especially, when she took the lives of two small children she gave birth to and was responsible for nurturing and protecting.



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  1. I'm familiar with the "Prozac defense". It's just one of many that those who refuse to take responsibility for their actions like to use.

    Did someone force you to take those pills Ms. Cushing? Hold a gun to YOUR head while you took them? What's going to push you over that fine edge next time? A teenage boy testing his wings who gets in your face perhaps?

    Accountability people...a lost concept. (And don't even get me started on her ex- now again- husband.)