Sunday, August 28, 2011

On A Day of Relaxation

Yesterday, my BFF was here visiting from the Pacific Northwest, and for the first time in what seems like ages we spent a day relaxing...sort of.

We didn't sit around in our pajamas or anything. In fact, we were out of the house by 0845 and on our way in Palm Springs.

Our day was spent watching movies, eating chocolate and drinking beer. What had originally been slated as a day of wine tasting changed into a day of beer tasting.

We're flexible.

It was an exciting and fun day all around.

Can I just say, Collin Farrell made a gorgeous vampire...up until he grew shark teeth...

Yes, this is sexy...until he unhinges his jaw...

...and Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer is mighty tasty...

Hope you've had a wonderful and relaxing weekend.

Did you do anything exciting?


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  1. Glad you two had a great weekend! Editing here, not ready to go back to work. Really looking forward to my 3 day weekend.