Saturday, August 20, 2011

On the Munchkin and Niece

Not too long ago, the Niece moved in with the Marine, the Munchkin, Sumo Kitty, King Furry, and me. 

You can imagine, we have quite a full house--one full of love, understanding, and support.

I'm reminded just how lucky I am every time I see the Munchkin smile. 

She loves the Niece, and the feeling is mutual. 

The line between cousins has blurred into sisters. 

There is a special bond between the two of them. One seldom seen in my life, and knowing is nothing compared to seeing it in action. 

The Niece is eighteen, works a full time job, helps around the house, understands when I'm stressed to the breaking point, and willingly spends time with the Munchkin. 

If she's too tired to play Dinosaur, or Knights and Dragon--inevitably being the fire breathing dragon, she'll sit at the dining room table and do art projects with the Munchkin. 

The other day, they made spiders, because that's what my daughter wanted. 

It didn't matter that all the Niece wanted to do was relax and maybe watch some TV, she'd promised to spend time with my daughter, and she did it.

These moments are going to be the happy times the Munchkin remembers when she's a teenager hating the world--and without a doubt her mother. 

I'll be remembering them too, and always be grateful to the Niece for loving not only me, but the most important person in my life too.

Was there a special person in your life growing up? Or someone in your child's life? I'd love to know.


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  1. I have a teenage niece living in my home, but she's not nearly as sweet. i think she could learn a lesson or two from yours. She sounds awesome!